To start 2015 the guys at Awesome Booth hollered at me to help them build an identity system that would capture the essence of their brand. A few years ago The Awesome Booth popped up, providing a modern option for photo booths at any type of party. The company grew and eventually hit a place of visibility where a properly done visual communication of the brand needed to be done. To me, branding is the visual voice of the company. It needs to align with the company culture and reflect the personality of the brand. For The Awesome Booth, I needed to make something... Awesome. A monoscript lettering system was formed, with "flash" lines on the outside, mimicking a photo being taken. A photo booth captures a very small moment within a greater amount of time. When you look at the photo, the feelings and memories of the entire event come back to you. The logo needed to accomplish the same thing, and that was to become a snapshot of the brand itself. 
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